by Gayle Roehm, July 29, 2014
Very valuable information and great teaching.Student in Gayle's Challenging Stitches from Japanese Designs class
Learned a lot and really liked the teaching style.Student in one of Gayle's classes
I learned a lot and now have had a whole new world of stitches opened to me.Student in one of Gayle's classes
SPECTACULAR class. Wealth of information. Beautiful swatches and garments …. truly inspirational. I took 3 classes from Gayle this weekend and each one was exciting and challenging!Student in one of Gayle's classes
A fabulous class. Lots of challenge, lots of learning, take home work too! Love it!Student in one of Gayle's classes
Very interesting, invaluable for my future in knitting from Japanese charts. The class notes are very clear, with excellent and easy to understand translations.Student in one of Gayle's classes
Please come back next year. I want another class with you.Student in one of Gayle's classes
Yowza! The best handouts I think I have ever received. Gayle knows her stuff and communicates her information very well. I can’t say enough good things about her and this class.Student in one of Gayle's classes
I have always wanted to be able to knit from a Japanese knitting book and, after taking this class, feel confident to give it a try.Student v one of Gayle's classes
Thank you to Gayle for starting me on another addiction.Student in one of Gayle's classes
This class was the first I’ve attended in years which introduced me to completely new stitches — wonderful ideas and inspiration to create fab garments!Student in one of Gayle's classes